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Prezzo e caratteristiche per l'articolo Moeller 281558

Scheda principale del prodotto 281558 Marchio Moeller

Moeller 281558 NZMB1-AF125-NA INT MAG TER 25KA 125A UL/CSA
Cod.Int.:744193  EAN: 4015082815585
Categoria: VARI
€ 279,10 Iva esclusa


Caratteristiche dell'articolo Moeller 281558

Circuit-breaker 3p fix settings
Part no. NZMB1-AF125-NA
Article no. 281558
Catalog No.
Delivery programme Product range     Circuit-breaker
Protective function     System and cable protection
Standard/Approval     UL/CSA, IEC
Release system     Thermomagnetic release
Installation type     Fixed
Description     Switches conform to UL/CSA as well as the IEC regulations. IEC switching performance values are contained on the rating plate.Fixed overload releases Ir
Frame size     NZM1
Number of poles     3 pole
Standard equipment     Box terminal
Switching capacity      
SCCR 480Y/277 V 60 Hz Icu kA 25
Rated current = rated uninterrupted current      
Rated current = rated uninterrupted current In = Iu A 125
Setting range      
Overload trip      
Overload release, min. Ir A 125
Short-circuit releases      
Non-delayed Ii = In x …   Approx. 6 - 10
Approvals Product Standards UL 489; CSA-C22.2 No. 5-09; IEC 60947-2; CE marking
UL File No. E31593
UL Category Control No. DIVQ
CSA File No. 022086
CSA Class No. 1432-01
North America Certification UL listed, CSA certified
Specially designed for North America Yes
Suitable for Feeder circuits, branch circuits
Current Limiting Circuit-Breaker Yes
Max. Voltage Rating 480Y/277 V
Degree of Protection IEC: IP20; UL/CSA Type: -
Standards     IEC/EN 60947
Protection against direct contact     Finger and back of hand proof to VDE 0106 Part 100
Climatic proofing     Damp heat, constant, to IEC 60068-2-78Damp heat, cyclic, to IEC 60068-2-30
Ambient temperature   °C  
Ambient temperature, storage   °C - 40 - + 80
Operation   °C - 25 - + 70
Mechanical shock resistance (10 ms half-sinusoidal shock) according to IEC 60068-2-27   g 20 (half-sinusoidal shock 20 ms)
Safe isolation to EN 61140      
Between auxiliary contacts and main contacts   V AC 500
between the auxiliary contacts   V AC 300
Weight   kg 1.046
Mounting position      
Mounting position     Vertical and 90° in all directions
  With residual-current release XFI:
- NZM1, N1, NZM2, N2: vertical and 90° in all directions
with plug-in adapter elements
- NZM1, N1, NZM2, N2: vertical, 90° right/left
with withdrawable unit:
- NZM3, N3: vertical, 90 ° left
- NZM4, N4: vertical
with remote operator:
- NZM2, N(S)2, NZM3, N(S)3, NZM4, N(S)4: vertical and 90° in all directions

Direction of incoming supply     as required
Degree of protection      
Device     In the operating controls area: IP20 (basic degree of protection)
Enclosures     With insulating surround: IP40, with door coupling rotary handle: IP66
Terminations     Tunnel terminal: IP10Phase isolator and strip terminal: IP00
Other technical data (sheet catalogue)     Threshold and intermediate current, interrupting capacityWeightTemperature dependency, DeratingEffective power loss
Rated surge voltage invariability Uimp    
Main contacts   V 6000
Auxiliary contacts   V 6000
Rated operational voltage Ue V AC 440
Overvoltage category/pollution degree     III/3
Rated insulation voltage Ui V 690
Use in unearthed supply systems   V 440
Switching capacity
Rated short-circuit making capacity Icm    
240 V Icm kA 63
400/415 V Icm kA 53
440 V 50/60 Hz Icm kA 53
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn Icn    
Icu to IEC/EN 60947 test cycle O-t-CO Icu kA  
240 V 50/60 Hz Icu kA 30
400/415 V 50/60 Hz Icu kA 25
440 V 50/60 Hz Icu kA 25
Ics to IEC/EN 60947 test cycle O-t-CO-t-CO Ics kA  
240 V 50/60 Hz Ics kA 30
400/415 V 50/60 Hz Ics kA 25
440 V 50/60 Hz Ics kA 18.5
Maximum low-voltage h.b.c. fuse   A gG/gL 200
      Maximum back-up fuse, if the expected short-circuit currents at the installation location exceed the switching capacity of the circuit-breaker.
Technical data that diverge from products for the IEC market
Switching capacity of NA switches (UL489, CSA 22.2 No. 5.1)
Short-circuit current rating SCCR      
SCCR 240 V 60 Hz Icu kA 35
SCCR 480Y/277 V 60 Hz Icu kA 25
Utilization category to IEC/EN 60947-2     A
Rated making and breaking capacity      
Rated operational current Ie A  
400/415 V 50/60 Hz Ie A 160
415 V Ie A 125
400/415 V 50/60 Hz Ie A 125
415 V Ie A 125
690 V 50/60 Hz Ie A 125
Lifespan, mechanical(of which max. 50 % trip by shunt/undervoltage release) Operations   20000
Lifespan, electrical      
400 V V 50/60 Hz Operations   7500
415 V V 50/60 Hz Operations   10000
415 V 50/60 Hz Operations   7500
Max. operating frequency   Ops/h 120
Current heat losses per pole at Iu are based on the maximum rated operational current of the frame size.   W 16.7
      For current heat loss per pole the specification refers to the maximum rated operational current of the frame size.
Total downtime in a short-circuit   ms < 10
Terminal capacity
Standard equipment     Box terminal
Overview     Basic equipment        
 Box terminal ● - - -
 Screw connection - ● ● ●
 Box terminal - ● ● -
 Screw connection ● - - ●
 Tunnel terminal ● ● ● ●
 Connection on rear ● ● ● ●
 Flat conductor terminal - - - ●

Round copper conductor      
Box terminal      
Solid   mm2 1 x (12 … 6)
Stranded   mm2 1 x (25 - 70)2 x 25
Tunnel terminal      
Solid   mm2 1 x (16 - 95)
Stranded   mm2  
Stranded   mm2 1 x (4 … 3/0)
Bolt terminal and rear-side connection      
Direct on the switch      
Solid   mm2 1 x (12 … 6)2 x (9 … 6)
Stranded   mm2 1 x (4 … 2/0)
Cu strip (number of segments x width x segment thickness)      
Box terminal      
  min. mm2 2 x 9 x 0.8
  max. mm2 9 x 9 x 0.8
Copper busbar (width x thickness) mm    
Bolt terminal and rear-side connection      
Screw connection     M8
Direct on the switch      
  min. mm2 12 x 5
  max. mm2 16 x 5
Control cables      
    mm2 1 x (18 … 14)2 x (18 … 16)
Technical data ETIM 5.0 Low-voltage industrial components (EG000017) / Power circuit-breaker for trafo/generator/installation prot. (EC000228)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Low-voltage switch technology / Circuit breaker (LV < 1 kV) / Circuit breaker for power transformer, generator and system protection (ecl@ss8-27-37-04-09 [AJZ716009])
Rated permanent current Iu   A 125
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcu at 400 V, 50 Hz   kA 25
Setting range overload protector   A 125 - 125
Adjustment range short-term delayed short-circuit release   A 0 - 0
Adjustment range undelayed short-circuit release   A 750 - 1250
Integrated earth fault protection     No
Connection type main current circuit     Frame clamp
Device construction     Built-in device fixed built-in technique
Suitable for DIN rail (top hat rail) mounting     No
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact     0
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally open contact     0
Number of auxiliary contacts as change-over contact     0
Switched-off indicator available     No
With under voltage release     No
Number of poles     3
Position of connection for main current circuit     Front connection
Type of control element     Rocker lever
Motor drive optional     No
Motor drive integrated     No
Degree of protection (IP)     IP20
Characteristics Characteristic curves      

Blow out area, minimum clearance to adjacent parts

CAD data Product-specific CAD data
3D Preview
Additional product information (links) IL01203004Z (AWA1230-1913) Circuit-breaker, Switch-Disconnector
  IL01203004Z (AWA1230-1913) Circuit-breaker, Switch-Disconnector

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