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Eaton 115391 Nzm2-Xrd208-240Ac Comando Motore Per N/Lzm2

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MPN: Eaton 115391
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L'articolo Eaton 115391 presenta le seguenti caratteristiche: Remote operator, Standard Part no. NZM2-XRD208-240AC Article no. 115391 Catalog No. Delivery programmeProduct range     Accessories Accessories     Remote operator, standard Rated operating frequency     AC 50/60 Hz Standard/Approval     UL/CSA, IEC Construction size     NZM2 Description     For remote switching of circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors.ON and OFF switching and resetting by means of two-wire or three-wire control.Local switching by hand possible.Lockable in the 0 position of the remote operator with up to 3 padlocks (hasp thickness: 4 – 8 mm) Please note during engineering: Three-wire control (pulse contact)Terminal 70/71:  NZM-XR: Contact loading according to technical data NZM2-XRD: Full current flows though the contact during make and break! RMQ series contact elements can be used for the NZM2(3.4)-XR(D)...remote operators.      Two-wire control (continuous contact)Terminal 75:  NZM-XR: Operational readiness signal when cover closed and not locked. NZM2-XRD: Operational readiness signal when sliding switch set to Auto. Sliding switch with three positions: Manual/Auto/Locked for reliable differentiation of connected positions. AC-15: 400 V; 2 A DC-13: 220 V; 0.2 A    Three-wire control with automatic reset to the 0 position after the switch has tripped      Switching cycle:   Closing delay   ms 110 – 170 Break time   ms 110 – 170 Rated control voltage Us V 208 - 240 V 50/60 Hz Number of poles     3/4 pole For use with     NZM2(-4)N(S)2(-4) Project planning information     Sliding switch for "Auto" or "Manual"Max. number auxiliary contacts: 2 standard auxiliary contacts, 1 trip-indicating auxiliary switchesCannot be combined with switch-disconnector PN...Cannot be combined with mechanical interlock Engineering information (sheet catalog)     2/3-wire control and circuit diagrams ApprovalsProduct Standards UL489; CSA-C22.2 No. 5-09; IEC60947, CE marking UL File No. E140305 UL Category Control No. DIHS CSA File No. 022086 CSA Class No. 1437-01 North America Certification UL listed, CSA certified  Remote operator Rated control voltage UsV   AC UsV AC 110 - 440 DC UsV DC 24 - 250 Operating range       AC   x Us0.85 - 1.1 DC   x Us0.85 - 1.1 Current heat loss per pole at I u P kWh   AC       110 V … 130 V AC   VA 550 208 V … 240 V AC   VA 550 380 V … 440 V AC   VA 650 DC   x Us  24 V … 30 V DC   W 450 110 V … 130 V DC   W 450 220 V … 250 V DC   W 450 Minimum signal duration       with switch on   ms 100 with switch off   ms 100 Lifespan, mechanical Operations   20000 Maximum operating frequency   Ops./h   Max. operating frequency   Ops/h 120 Terminal capacities   mm2   Solid or flexible conductor, with ferrule   mm20.75 - 2.5     AWG 18 … 14 Technical data ETIM 5.0Low-voltage industrial components (EG000017) / Motor operator for power circuit-breaker (EC001030)Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Low-voltage switch technology / Circuit breaker (LV < 1 kV) / Electrical drive for circuit breakers (ecl@ss8-27-37-04-12 [AKF010009])Type of switch drive     Motor drive Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ   V 208 - 240 Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 60HZ   V 208 - 240 Rated control supply voltage Us at DC   V 0 - 0 Voltage type for actuating     AC CAD dataProduct-specific CAD data3D PreviewAdditional product information (links)2/3-wire control and circuit diagrams

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