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Cod.Int.:741785  EAN: 4015081066124
GTIN: Moeller 106852
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L'articolo Moeller 106852 presenta le seguenti caratteristiche: Safety switch for door hinges LSR-.../TS Part no. LSR-S02-1-I/TS Article no. 106852 Catalog No. LSR-S02-1-I-TS Delivery programme Basic function     Position switchesSafety position switches Part group reference     LSR Product range     Safety hinge switch Protection type     IP65 Contacts       N/C = Normally closed     2 NC Notes     = safety function, by positive opening to IEC/EN 60947-5-1 Contact sequence     Contact travel■ = Contact closed□ = Contact open       Contact diagram     Approval     Housing     Insulated material Connection type     Screw terminal Notes  Switch must never be used as a mechanical stop!For degree of protection IP65, use V-M20 cable glands with connecting thread of max. 9 mm length Approvals Product Standards IEC/EN 60947-5; UL 508; CSA-C22.2 No. 14; CE marking UL File No. E29184 UL Category Control No. NKCR CSA File No. 12528 CSA Class No. 3211-03 North America Certification UL listed, CSA certified Degree of Protection IEC: IP65, UL/CSA Type 3R, 4X (indoor use only), 12, 13   General Standards     IEC/EN 60947 Climatic proofing     Damp heat, constant, to IEC 60068-2-78; damp heat, cyclical, to IEC 60068-2-30 Ambient temperature   °C - 25 - + 70 Mounting position     As required Protection type     IP65 Terminal capacities   mm2   Solid   mm2 1 x (0.75 - 2.5)2 x (0.75 - 1.5) Flexible with ferrule   mm2 1 x (0.5 - 1.5)2 x (0.5 - 1.5) Contacts/switching capacity Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp V AC 6000 Rated insulation voltage Ui V 500 Rated operational current Ie A   AC-15       24 V Ie A 6 230 V/240 V Ie A 6 400 V/415 V Ie A 4 DC-13       24 V Ie A 3 110 V Ie A 0.8 220 V Ie A 0.3 Supply frequency   Hz max. 400 Short-circuit rating to IEC/EN 60947-5-1       max. fuse   A gG/gL 6 Repetition accuracy   mm 0.02 Rated conditional short-circuit current   kA 1 Mechanical variables Lifespan   S   Standard-action contact Operations x 106 1 Mechanical shock resistance (half-sinusoidal shock, 20 ms)       Standard-action contact   g 25 Operating frequency Operations/h   1800 Technical data ETIM 5.0 Sensors (EG000026) / Hinge switch (EC002591) Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Binary sensor technology, safety-related sensor technology / Position switch / Hinge switch (ecl@ss8-27-27-06-09 [ACN833007]) With status indication     No Suited for safety functions     Yes Type of control element     Hollow shaft Forced opening     Yes Number of safety auxiliary contacts     0 Number of contacts as normally closed contact     2 Number of contacts as normally open contact     0 Number of contacts as change-over contact     0 Type of switching contact     Slow-action switch Width sensor   mm 30 Height of sensor   mm 91 Length of sensor   mm 32 Rated operation current Ie at AC-15, 24 V   A 10 Rated operation current Ie at AC-15, 125 V   A 0 Rated operation current Ie at AC-15, 230 V   A 6 Rated operation current Ie at DC-13, 24 V   A 3 Rated operation current Ie at DC-13, 125 V   A 1 Rated operation current Ie at DC-13, 230 V   A 0.5 Housing according to norm     - Construction type housing     Cuboid Material housing     Plastic Coating housing     - Type of electric connection     Cable entry metrical Explosion safety category for gas     None Explosion safety category for dust     None Type of interface     None Type of interface for safety communication     None Degree of protection (IP)     IP65 Dimensions CAD data Product-specific CAD data 3D Preview Additional product information (links) IL05208006Z (AWA1310-2363) Hasp-Operated and Hinge-Operated Safty Switches   IL05208006Z (AWA1310-2363) Hasp-Operated and Hinge-Operated Safty Switches , LSR-S02-1-I/TS INT. DI POSIZ. PER CERNIERE